10 Creative Ways To Use Your Stickers

Stickers brighten up ordinary objects in our life. But do you ever ask yourself, what can I put my stickers on?


We’ve created a list of fun, unique, and unusual places where you add pops of color with cute sticker art. Of course, you can put stickers on almost anything - laptops, notebooks, and picture frames but we’re thinking a little more outside the box.


If hiding your sticker art in a scrapbook isn’t your style, display them proudly with these unique sticker ideas.


  1. Phone Charger - Are you tired of mixing up your charger with your friends and family? Stick a sticker to your charger. Problem solved.


  1. Hand Sanitizer Bottle - It’s 2021, which means we all have sanitizer bottles in our backpacks, purses, gym bags, or on our desks. Add stickers to your bottles for a little cheer every time you sanitize!


  1. Skateboards - Add a little personality to your board when you hit the streets or the skate park.


  1. Journal - Do you have a goal-setting planner? Are you the type to write down your to-do list every day? Brighten up your journal or planner with cute stickers.


  1. Phone Case - Sticker art is an easy way to add some character to your stuff. Add a little flair to your phone case with a sticker that matches your personality.


You can also get a clear phone case and slip the stickers between the phone and the case.


  1. Sticker Wall - Use stickers instead for a new take on the walls with fairy lights and polaroid prints. All you need are mini clothespins, fairy lights, and stickers to create this customized wall decor.


  1. Wheelchairs - Whether you're a child or an adult, stickers never seem to lose their innocent charm. We love seeing wheelchairs decked out in festive stickers.


  1. Mirror - There’s nothing better than stickers that make you laugh or smile. Add stickers to your mirror for an instant pick-me-up every time you check out your gorgeous self.


  1. Instruments - Add cute stickers to guitars, amps, piano keys, or even your headphones.


  1. Furniture - Stickers are a simple way to turn dull, outdated furniture into something happy, fresh, and individual. Plus, no sanding, staining, or painting is necessary.


​​Where To Buy Cute Stickers


Now that you know where to put your stickers, shop our cute sticker collection at Divine Feminine Finds. 


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