How To Find Work-Life Balance As A Young Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is an incredible experience, but it comes with its challenges like any other job. One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is finding that perfect work-life balance.


Sure, you have hobbies, interests, friends, and family outside of your work - but you spend more time focusing on growing your brand than anything else.


As hard as finding your work-life balance might be, it’s so worth it.


Why is Balancing Your Entrepreneur Life Important?


You’re going after your dreams. So why should you slow down to check in with yourself? The more hours you put in, the more successful you’ll be, right?


Well, not exactly. Being an entrepreneur is tough and being a young amateur entrepreneur is even tougher. You probably thrive on hustle culture - and that’s most likely what keeps you going when times are tough, but it can also lead to burnout and mental health issues.


To help keep your mind, body, and soul healthy, try these tips for creating a work-life balance.


Me Time is Always a Good Time

Schedule personal time for yourself. If you have a hard time tearing yourself away from work, make an effort to make plans with friends, grab a bite to eat without your laptop, run those errands you’ve been putting off, or even make time to go to the gym.


It’s OK to Say NO

So many of us are uncomfortable saying no. But, if you feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions, saying yes to everything is a one-way ticket to burnout-ville and not the fun kind.


Only take on more work if you can handle it without getting overwhelmed or stressed. If someone asks you to do something and it makes you feel anxious, that’s a telltale sign you should pass.


Give Yourself Rules

Working for yourself means there’s no one there to tell you to take your lunch break, or you don’t have to check your emails after 7 pm. Being an entrepreneur is usually a 24/7 gig, which is all the more reason to create work boundaries for yourself.


Some small rules you can implement are a mandatory coffee break at 10 am, don’t check messages before eating breakfast, or allow yourself to sleep in one day during the workweek. You’re boss, after all!


Use these tips and tricks to help you stay driven while not forgetting to make time for yourself and do what you enjoy.

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